Friday, June 3, 2011

DIO - 1983-07-23 - Antioch, CA
The First Show

1st ever DIO Concert

Title: DIO The First Show.
Venue: Antioch, CA, Concert Barn 7/23/83 .
Recording: It is a very good and enjoyable audience recording.

1.Stand Up and Shout 4:39
2.Straight Through The Heart 5:17
3.Children Of The Sea 7:52
4.Rainbow In The Dark 5:14
5.Don`t Talk To Starngers 4:50
6.Drum Solo 3:46
7.Shame On The Night 5:32
8.Invisible 6:07
9.The Mob Rules 5:01
10.Holy Diver 7:02
11.Stargazer-Guitar Solo 4:02
12.Heaven and Hell 12:12
13.Man On The Silver Mountain 4:24
14.Starstruck-Man On The Silver Mountain(reprise) 2:49
15.Neon Knights 4:44.

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  1. holy shit i saw this show it rocked the barn almost collapsed lol rip rjd


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