Sunday, June 12, 2011

Judas Priest - 1984-05-05 - Long Beach, CA
California Burning

This one is really good!

Title: California Burning.
Label: Bondage Music.
Catalog#: BON 187/188.
Venue: Track 1-14 Cd One Long Beach Usa 1984; Track 1-4 Cd Two Long Beach Usa 1984; Track 5-12 Cd Two La Usa 1990; Track 13-14 Cd Two Irvine Meadows Usa 1991 .
Recording: Excellent sound quality. Soundboard.

Tracks cd one:
1.Interview / rob halford
2.Love bites
5.Metal gods
6.Breaking the law
8.Desert plains
9.Some heads are gonna roll
10.The sentinel
11.The hellion / electric eye
12.Heavy duty
13.Freewheel burning
14.Victim of changes

Tracks cd two:
1.The green manalishi
2.Living after midnight
3.Hell bent for leather
4.You´ve got another thing comin´
5.Riding on the wind
7.Heading out to the highway
8.Between the hammer and the anvil
9.Better by you better than me
10.Leather rebel
11.Hell bent for leather
12.You´ve got another thing comin´
13.Living after midnight
14.The green manalishi.

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