Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UFO - 1998-04-21 - Osaka Japan
"Walk on the Limit"

Very good version of Rock Bottom, more than 12 minutes!

Title: Walk On The Limit.
Label: Sylph records.
Catalog#: SP4215.
Venue: IMP Hall, Osaka, Japan 4/21/98.
Recording: Audience. This CD is definitively a very very excellent add to any collection (one of the best from 1993 to present).


1. Opening SE
2. Natural Thing
3. Mother Mary
4. Self Made Man
5. Electric Phase
6. This Kids
7. Out in the Street
8. One More for the Rodeo
9. Venus
10. Pushed to the Limit


1. Love to Love
2. Too Hot to Handle
3. Only You Can Rock Me
4. Lights Out
5. Doctor Doctor
6. Rock Bottom
7. Shoot Shoot

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