Sunday, June 12, 2011

Van Halen - 1995-08-18 - Toronto, Canada
" Rocks The Beer Hall"

Title: Rocks The Beer Hall.
Label: Kiss The Stone.
Catalog#: KTS 495/496.
Venue/Source: Molson Amphitheatre in Toronto Canada 8/18-19/95 plus Wembley Stadium in London UK 6/24/95.
Recording: Soundboard.

CD1.01 Right Now 5:35
CD1.02 Big Fat Money 3:54
CD1.03 Standing On Top Of The... 5:22
CD1.04 Not Enough 4:15
CD1.05 Amsterdam 4:56
CD1.06 Medley: Mine All Mine / Drum Solo 13:36
CD1.07 Can't Stop Loving You 4:02
CD1.08 Feelin 8:07
CD1.09 When The Eagle Flies 10:16
CD1.10 Guitar Solo 9:18

CD2.01 Why Can't This Be Love 3:47
CD2.02 Dreams 6:14
CD2.03 Poundcake 5:39
CD2.04 Don't Tell Me 6:49
CD2.05 Panama 6:32
CD2.06 Seventh Seal 5:46
CD2.07 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 3:59
CD2.08 Right Here Right Now 6:43
CD2.09 You Really Got Me 3:03
CD2.10 Where's Love 5:15
CD2.11 Jump 5:02.

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