Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Sweet - 1977-12-04 - Bray Studios, London
"Level Headed Tour Rehearsals"

Totally a must for your collection.

Title: Level Headed Tour Rehearsals.
Label: Made For The Fan Club Only.
Venue: Bray Studios.
Recording: Studio (Rehearsal Sessions At Bray Studios 1977).

1. Action
2. Yesterdays Rain
3. California Nights
4. Stairway To The Stars
5. Dream On
6. Lady Starlight
7. Lady Of The Lake
8. Fountain
9. Your Not Wrong For Lovin Me
10 Fox On The Run
11. Air On A Tape Loop
12.Done Me Wrong Alright
13. Love Is Like Oxygen
14.Set Me Free
15. Sweet FA
16. Windy City.

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