Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jimi Hendrix - "Paper Airplanes"

Title: Paper Airplanes.
Label: Midnight Beat.
Catalog#: MB CD 025.
Venue: Recording from the Original Studio Tapes .
Recording: Studio recordings - SBD A.

1- Message to Love
2- Somewhere [take one]
3- Somewhere [take two]
4- Crash Landing [take one]
5- Crash Landing [take two]
6- Crash Landing [take three]
7- Come Down Hard on Me [take one]
8- Come Down Hard on Me [take two]
9- Peace in Mississippi [take one]
10-Peace in Mississippi [take two]
11-Peace in Mississippi [take three]
12-With the Power [Paper Airplanes]
13-Stone Free
14-Captain Coconut
15-You & Me Blues/ Lover Man.

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