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The Beatles - Artifacts III (The Definitive Collection Of Beatles Rarities 1969-1994)

A 4-CD set of bootleg tracks from The Beatles solo careers. It includes a recording of the session from 1974 featuring John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, and Harry Nilsson.

Title: Artifacts III (The Definitive Collection Of Beatles Rarities 1969-1994).
Label: Big Music.
Catalog#: BIGBX 009.
Recording: Soundboard. Four disks. Sound quality varies by track.

DISC 1: "Not Fade Away (1969 - 1971)"

1. Cold Turkey (Lennon demo, fall 1969)
2. Give Peace A Chance (Lennon demo, fall 1969)
3. Only You Know And I Know (George live with Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Denmark, 12/10/69)
4. Instant Karma (notes say this is on BBC TV 2/11/70, but it sounds to me exactly like the single-???)
5. Sentimental Journey (Ringo's Promo Film, 3/15/70)
6. Everytime Somebody Comes To Town (George & Bob Dylan, May 1970 Studio Sessions)
7. I'd Have You Anytime (George & Bob Dylan, May 1970 Studio Sessions)
8. If Not For You (George & Bob Dylan, May 1970 Studio Sessions)
9. God (Lennon demo, summer 1970)
10. Well Well Well (Lennon demo, summer 1970)
11. My Mummy's Dead (Lennon demo, summer 1970)
12. Happy Birthday John (Ringo and friends, fall 1970, private tape)
13. I'm The Greatest (John's piano demo, fall 1970)
14. Oh Woman Oh Why (McCartney's promo single with extra overdubs, January 1971)
15. God Save Oz (Lennon demo, June 1971)
16. Imagine (Lennon's early take, Summer 1971)
17. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier (Lennon's early take, Summer 1971)
18. How Do You Sleep? (Lennon's early take, Summer 1971)
19. McCartney Interview / Rehearsal (Summer 1971)
20. Tragedy (Outtake from "Wild Life" album, September 1971)
21. Rave On / Not Fade Away (John's soundtrack for "Clock", New York, September 1971)
22. John's 31st Birthday ("Yellow Submarine") (Lennon's Party with Ringo, Clapton..., New York, 10/9/1971)
23. Happy Xmas (Lennon's alternate mix, October 1971)
24. Luck Of The Irish (Lennon take 1 & take 2, November 1971)

DISC 2: "Sue Me, Sue You (1972-1975)"

1. Johnny B. Goode (John & Chuck Berry at "The Mike Douglas Show", 2/16/1972)
2. Don't Be Cruel (John rehearsals for "Some Time In New York City", March 1972)
3. Hound Dog (John rehearsals for "Some Time In New York City", March 1972)
4. 1882 (Paul live in Rotterdam, 8/17/1972)
5. Mother (Lennon's One To One Concert, evening concert, 8/30/1972)
6. Sue Me Sue You Blues (Harrison demo, December 1972)
7. Miss O'Dell (Harrison alternate acetate, January 1973)
8. Maybe I'm Amazed (Paul live at the "James Paul McCartney" TV Special , March 1973)
9. Six O’clock (Ringo alternate & extended take with Paul & Linda, April 1973)
10. Make Love Not War (a.k.a. "Mind Games") (Lennon demo)
11. Lucille (Lennon and Paul, Los Angeles, March 1974)
12. Venus And Mars (Paul & Wings "Venus & Mars"Altenate Mix)
13. Hey Diddle (Paul & Wings unreleased song, Nashville, June 1974)
14. Only You (John demo for Ringo, Summer 1974)
15. Move Over Mrs. L (John outtake of the "Walls & Bridges" album, June 1974)
16. One Hand Clapping (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "One Hand Clapping", Summer 1974)
17. I Lost My Little Girl (Paul unreleased song from the piano tapes, Summer 1974)
18. Dark Horse (George demo, September 1974)
19. I Saw Her Standing There (John and Elton John rehearsal, 11/24/1974)
20. My Carnival (a.k.a. "New Orleans") (Paul & Wings alternate version, February 1975)
21. No No Song (Ringo with Smothers Brothers, 4/28/1975)
22. Hi Hi Hi (Paul & Wings live, Melbourne, 11/13/1975)
23. The Pirate Song (George live at the BBC-TV, 12/26/1975)

DISC 3: "As Time Goes By (1976-1980)"

1. As Time Goes By (John & Yoko during an interview with Elliot Mintz, early 1976)
2. Mucho Mungo (John demo, early 1976)
3. I'm Gonna Love You Too (Paul demo, summer 1976)
4. I'm Gonna Love You Too (Paul & Wings prefinal mix, summer 1976)
5. Rock Island Line (George and Paul Simon live at the NBC-TV, 11/19/1976)
6. Bye Bye Love (George and Paul Simon live at the NBC-TV, 11/19/1976)
7. Boil Crisis (Paul & Wings, spring 1977)
8. I Love My Suit (Ringo Japanese advertisements, summer 1977)
9. Simple Life (Ringo Japanese advertisements, summer 1977)
10. Scouse The Mouse (Ringo soundtrack for "Scouse The Mouse", fall 1977)
11. You're 16 (Ringo live on TV, 4/26/1978)
12. Spin It On (Paul "Back To The Egg" alternate Mixes, summer 1978)
13. Old Siam Sir (Paul "Back To The Egg" alternate Mixes, summer 1978)
14. Robber's Ball (Paul "Back To The Egg" unreleased song, summer 1978)
15. New Of The Day (John parody of Dylan, November 1978)
16. Flying Hour (George "Somewhere In England" unreleased song, December 1978)
17. Mr H Atom (Paul "McCartney II" unreleased song, Summer 1979)
18. Summer's Day Song (Paul "McCartney II" unreleased song, Summer 1979)
19. Tears Of The World (George "Somewhere In England" unreleased song, Fall 1979)
20. Flying Horses (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "Ruppert The Bear", Fall 1979)
21. We All Stand Together (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "Ruppert The Bear", Fall 1979)
22. My Life (a.k.a. "(Just Like) Starting Over") (John demo, fall 1979)
23. With A Little Help From My Friends (John and Sean, Winter 1979)
24. Beautiful Boy (Lennon demo, Summer 1980)
25. Watching The Wheels (Lennon demo, Summer 1980)
26. I'm Losing You (Lennon & Cheap Trick outtake, Summer 1980)
27. Serve Yourself (John parody of Dylan, fall 1980)
28. Dear John (John demo, last song composed by Lennon, fall 1980)

DISC 4: "Free As A Bird (1981-1994)"

1. My Old Friend (Paul & Carl Perkins unreleased song, Montserrat, February 1981)
2. For No One (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "Give My Regards To ...", Winter 1982)
3. Twice In A Lifetime (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "Twice In A Lifetime", Spring 1983)
4. On The Wings Of A Nightingale (Paul demo for the "Everly Brothers", Summer 1984)
5. Abandoned Love (George unreleased song of Bob Dylan, Winter 1984)
6. Yvonne (Paul "Press To Play" unreleased song, Spring 1985)
7. Hanglide (Paul "Press To Play" alternate mix, Spring 1985)
8. Nonsense (Ringo unreleased soundtrack for "Alice In Wonderland", May 1985)
9. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (George and Ringo with Carl Perkins & Eric Clapton, 10/21/1985)
10. Honey Don't (George and Ringo with Carl Perkins & Eric Clapton, 10/21/1985)
11. Love Is Strange (Paul live at Cactus Club, Summer 1986)
12. Hottest Gong In Town (George unreleased song for "Shanghai Surprise", July 1986)
13. Peggy Sue (George and "The Silver Wilburys" live, 19th February 1987)
14. Cut Across Shorty (Paul "CHOBA B CCCP" unreleased song, July 1987)
15. Every Grain Of Sand (George live at the KLOS-FM, 10th February 1988)
16. End Of The Line (George "The Travelling Wilburys Vol. 1" alternate take, May 1988)
17. Put It There (Paul live on German-TV, 18th May 1989)
18. Get Back (Ringo & All Starr Band with Bruce Springsteen, 11th August 1989)
19. I Call Your Name (Ringo and friends, Liverpool, March 1990)
20. Lennon Medley: Strawberry Fields Forever, Help!, Give Peace A Chance (Paul live at Liverpool, 6/28/1990)
21. Maxine (George "The Travelling Wilburys Vol. 3" Outtake, Summer 1990)
22. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (George live at the BBC, June 1991)
23. Payment (Paul unreleased soundtrack for "Daumier's Law", Spring 1992)
24. Ride Rajbun (George & Ravi Shankar song for U.K.-TV animated series, Summer 1970)
25. Free As A Bird (John original piano demo, 1980).

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