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Ac/Dc - 1985/2001 - "Sessions Rarities & B-Sides * [ Vol.4 - Vol.5 and Vol.6 ]"

Title: Sessions Rarities & B-Sides (Vol.4 - Vol.5 and Vol.6)
Label: Jack Records.
Recording: Soundboard. Great SQ.


Live at "Nulle Port Rilleurs" Canal & Studio
Paris France 30.October 2000
1.: Stiff Upper Lip
2.: Highway To Hell
3.: Back In Black
4.: Sattelite Blues
5.: TNT
Never released Before
6.: French TV Advert For The Futur New Album "Stiff Upper Lip"
Live At America Arena, Phoenix USA 13.September 2000
US PROMO CD Single 2001 (PRCD 7474-2)
Never released Before
7.: Save In New York City
Never released Before
8.: French TV Advert For The Paris Stade De France 22 June 2001 Concert
Never Released Before :
9.: Stiff Upper Lip (Video Edit / Long Version)
Fun Break at Warehouse Studios, Vancouver Canada August 1999 during the "Stiff Upper Lip" Sessions
10.: Brian Play On Piano
11.: Angus Play On Piano
Live In Madrid at Plaza Del Toros De Las Ventas Spain 10 July 1996
(Different mix of B-Sides CD Single & Video "No Bull"
12.: Shot Down In Flames
13.: Thunderstruck
14.: Girls Got Rhythm
15.: Hard As A Rock
16.: Boogieman
17.: Hail Caesar
18.: You Shook Me All...
19.: Whole Lotta Rosie
Never released before :
20.: 5 Fun French TV Adverts For The Future New Album "Stiff Upper Lip"

TRACKS 1 A 11: 08.FEB.1988; Melbourne, National Tennis Centre
Rehearsal in Sydney Australia, April-July 1987 (audience recording)
12. Heatseeker (Demo/Rehearsal)
13. Alright To Night (Unrealised Demo/Rehearsal)
14. That’s The Way I Wanna ROck’n’Roll (Demo/Rehearsal)
15. Let It Loose (Unrealised Demo/Rehearsal) Rehearsal In Sydney Australia April-July 1987. During The Blow Up Your Video sessions (Audience Recording). Never Released Before On This Quality.
16. A Little Background Music (It’s said that this is also a studio-outtake from 1987 with Angus & Malcom phone call. Never Released Before On This Quality.)

1. Back In Black
2. Shake Your Foundation
3. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
4. You Shook Me All Night Long
5. Jailbreak*
6. The Jack
7. Shoot To Thrill
8. Sink The Pink
9. Let There Be Rock
10. T.N.T.
Live At Reunion Arena, Dallas Usa 12-10-1985 During The Fly On The Wall Tour
Not Authorised Soundboard Recording
Never Released Before
(*) B-sides Of Maxi Vinyl "Shake Your Foundation"

11. Fly On The Wall
12. Highway To Hell
Live At Erwin Center, Austin Usa 11-10-1985 During The Fly On The Wall Tour
Not Authorised Soundboard Recording
Never Released Before

13. First Blood (Very Rare Live Version)
14. Playing With Girls (Very Rare Live Version)
Live At Broome County Arena, Binghampton Usa 04-09-1985
(Audience Recording) The First Show Of "Fly On The Wall Tour"
Never Released Before

15. The Fly Introduces The Promo Video "Danger"
Never Released Before.

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