Thursday, June 2, 2011

Traffic - 1970-11-23 - New York, The Andersen Theater

Title: Woodwind.
Label: Goldtone Records.
Catalog#: GT-012.
Venue: Tracks 1-9 recorded are likely recorded at the Anderson Theatre, NYC, Nov. 23, 1970 (artwork says Fillmore East, NYC) and tracks 10 and 11 in London, England, 1972.
Recording: Stereo Soundboard (Rating A). Very Good SQ.

Medicated Goo
Pearly Queen
Empty Pages
Heaven Is In Your Mind
Forty Thousand Headmen
John Barleycorn
Who Knows What Tomorrow May Bring
Every Mother's Son
Freedom Rider
Shoot out At The Fantasy Factory
The Low Spark Of High Heel Boys.

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