Sunday, June 5, 2011

Genesis - 1987-06-20 - Manheim, Germany
"The Invisible Cage"

Title: The Invisible Cage.
Label: Kiss The Stone.
Catalog#: KTS042/43.
Venue: Maimarktgelande, Manheim, Germany 6/20/87 (Artwork says recorded Live at various locations during their "Invisible Touch World Tour").
Recording: A spectacular soundboard recording.

CD1.01 Mama 7:24
CD1.02 Abacab 9:29
CD1.03 Domino 4:22
CD1.04 That's All 6:45
CD1.05 The Brazilian 5:02
CD1.06 Instrumental Intro 6:10
CD1.07 In The Cage 12:34
CD1.08 Afterglow 4:25
CD2.01 Land Of Confusion 5:35
CD2.02 Throwing It All Away 8:42
CD2.03 Home By The Sea 12:10
CD2.04 Invisible Touch 5:10
CD2.05 Drum Solo / Los Endos 13:02
CD2.06 Turn It On Again 13:03.


  1. Where can I get a copy of this Bootleg? It sounds great. You can reach me at:

  2. this is SUPERB!!! Great sound and fantastic performance.


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