Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cure - 1979/1980 - "We Hate Rock 'N Roll"

Title: We Hate Rock 'N Roll.
Label: Triangle Records.
Catalog#: PYCD 068 .
Date & Venue: 17-10-1980 Jaap Edenhal, Amsterdam, Holland (tracks 1-7),
18-7-1980 Appeldourn, Holland (tracks 8-12),
28-6-1980 Summerpop Festival, Veenendaal, Holland (tracks 13-17),
1-12-1979 Milkweg, Amsterdam, Holland (tracks 18-22) .
Recording: Soundboard. Very good sound-quality considering the age.

I Hate Rock 'N Roll
The Holy Hour
Play For Today
A Forest
Seventeen Seconds
In Your House
Jumping Someone Else's Train
A Forest
Play For Today
Three Imaginary Boys
Fire In Cairo
10:15 Saturday Night
At Night
Grinding Halt
Another Journey By Train
Killing An Arab
Subway Song
Boys Don't Cry.

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