Monday, June 6, 2011

The Police - 1983-09-30 - Madrid 30-9-1983.
Synchronicity Tour.

Title: Synchronicity Tour - Madrid 30-9-1983.
Label: Not On Label.
Venue: Estadio Roman Valero, Madrid, Spain.
Recording: Real sweet audience.

1.- Voices inside my head
2.- Synchronicity
3.- Synchronicity II
4.- Walking in your footsteps
5.- Message in a bottle
6.- Walking on the moon
7.- O my God
8.- De do do do de da da da
9.- Wrapped around tour finger
10.-Tea in the Sahara
11.-The hole in my life
12.-Spirits in the material world (cut off)

1.- Invisible sun
2.- One world
3.- King of pain
4.- Don´t stand so close to me
5.- Every breath you take
6.- Murder by numbers
7.- Roxanne
8.- Can´t stand losing you/
9.- Regatta de blanc
10.-So lonely.

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