Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rolling Stones - 1978-08-23 - RCA Studios Los Angeles
"The Harder They Come"

Title: The Harder They Come 1978.
Label: Idol Mind Production.
Catalog#: IMP-N-001.
Venue: RCA Studios, Los Angeles, California August 23rd - September 8th 1978.
Recording: Excellent Stereo. Sounds more like a rehearsal, instead of usual studio session, some songs are great fun and mood!.

Part 1
01 Knee Trembler
02 What Gives You The Right I
03 Jimmy Reed Jam
04 One Night
05 What Gives You The Right II
06 My Last Plea I
07 My Last Plea II
08 My Last Plea III
09 My Last Plea IV
10 Tallahassee Lassie
11 You Married An Angel
12 The Harder THey Come II
13 Serious Love
14 Not The Way To Go I
15 I'll Let You Know II

Part 2
01 Summer Romance IV
02 Where The Boys Go I
03 Where The Boys Go II
04 Where The Boys Go III (cut-out)
05 Not The Way To Go II

Bonus tracks (which is re-mixes of material on disc 1 and disc 2 [tracks 1-5]:
06 Knee Trembler
07 Jimmy Reed Jam
08 One Night
09 What Gives You The Right II
10 My Last Plea I
11 Tallahassee Lassie
12 You Married An Angel
13 The Harder They Come II
14 Serious Love
15 Summer ROmance IV
16 Where The Boys Go I
17 I'll Let You Know II.

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