Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Birds - 1973-05-04 - BBC Sessions

Title: Earlybird.
Label: Music Nation Records.
Catalog#: MN 005.
Venue: Tracks 1-9: BBC Sessions, 5/4/73 - Track 10: Live in Kansas 1976 with Alex Karras.
Recording: Soundboard.

1. Train Leaves Here This Morning
2. Saturday Night
3. Peaceful Easy Feeling
4. Certain Kind Of Fool
5. Earlybird
6. Witchy Woman
7. Take It Easy
8. Out Of Control
9. Earlybird (Alternate Take)
10. Already Gone .

1 comment:

  1. A bit of a 'Freudian' slip there in the band name Robert!
    Although it is obviously a recording by the Eagles, some poor sod doing a search on the Birds might get alittle disappointed when they discover the mistake.
    Thanks for the great post
    cheers from Down Under


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