Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Blue Oyster Cult - 1983-07-23 - Pasadena
"Nail You Down"

Title: Nail You Down (Blue Oyster Cult).
Label: Oh Boy Records.
Catalog#: Oh Boy 1-9149.
Venue/City: Perkins Palace Pasadena CA 7/23/1983.
Recording: Soundboard. Great SQ.

1. Stairway to the stars
2. Harvester of eyes
3. Workshop of the telescopes
4. Before the kiss
5. Born to rock
6. Hot rails to hell
7. Seven screaming dizbusters
8. Cities on flame
9. Burning for you
10. Joan Crawford
11. Born to be wild
12. The reaper
13. Road House blues.

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