Friday, August 19, 2011

Gary Moore - 1986-06-21 - Mannhein Germany
"1986 Revisited"

Title: 1986 Revisited.
Label: Heritage Records.
Catalog#: Heritage-006.
Venue: Maimarkhall, Nannheim, Germany on 06/21/86 plus Surrey University, Guidford, England 6/3/86.
Recording: The SQ is amazing, pure soundboard.

01: Run For Cover
02: Murder In The Skies
03: Shapes Of Things
04: Wild Frontier
05: Victims Of The Future
06: So Far Away ~ Empty Rooms
07: Out In The Fields
08: All Messed Up
09: Rockin' Every Night
10: Wishing Well
- June 03, 1986 Surrey University, Guidford, England -
11: Take A Little Time
12: Listen To Your Heartbeat
Attack Mix with Frankie Goes To Hollywood
13: Warriors.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for re-uploading this Gary Moore
    recording. I had this Mannheim show
    on cassette from years ago, it is one
    of my favorite concert recordings of GM. A great talent and much missed.
    He was so good a player that all his
    shows from a tour tend to sound same, more so than most other performers.
    This Mannheim show is the best sounding recording from the 1986 tour
    (a radio broadcast?), and the two
    rarely performed tracks from Surrey
    are a great addition even though the
    sound quality is lacking.

    The Frankie Goes To Hollywood song "Warriors of the Wasteland (Attack Mix)" first appeared as 12" single
    in 1986. AFAIK Gary's guitar overdubs are only on this "attack mix" version of the song. I'm not a FGTH fan, but
    this one song of theirs is a pretty
    good, and with Gary on there going
    all out in-your-face flash, it kicks it up a notch.



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