Monday, January 24, 2011

Pink Floyd - 1987-11-01 - Orange Bowl
"Miami Soundboard"

Title: Miami Soundboard.
Label: Not On Label.
Venue/City: the Orange Bowl Miami 11/4/87.
Recording: Soundboard. Fantastic sound quality and performance.


Disc 1
01 Intro/Shine On You Crazy Diamond (16.6MB)
02 Signs Of Life (6.2MB)
03 Learning To Fly (8.4MB)
04 Yet Another Movie / Round And Around (10.1MB)
05 A New Machine (Part 1) (2.1MB)
06 Terminal Frost (9.1MB)
07 A New Machine (Part 2) (950k)
08 Sorrow (12.6MB)
09 The Dogs Of War (11.5MB)
10 On The Turning Away (12.4MB)

Disc 2
01 One Of These Days (8.9MB)
02 Time (7.8MB)
03 On The Run (6.1MB)
04 Wish You Were Here (8.7MB)
05 Welcome To The Machine (9.7MB)
06 Us And Them (10.8MB)
07 Money (11.9MB)
08 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) (8.5MB)
09 Comfortably Numb (14.2MB)

10 One Slip (8.9MB)
11 Run Like Hell (Fades Out) (5.4MB) .


  1. Wow, sound quality is perfect on this. Thanks so much - love your site! Any chance of getting a link to the .flac version if there is one? (I'm a perfectionist I guess)

  2. Sorry I don't have it .I don't like flac cause its take to much place on my hard disk and i don't see a real difference between mp3 320-192 and flac.

  3. Cool, yeah 320kbps sounds just as good, just a mental thing sometimes. Have a great day and thx again, still loving nthis show.


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