Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Kiss - 1995-02-07 - Melbourne, Australia

Title: Kiss Unplugged.
Label: Kiss The Stone Records.
Catalog#: KTS 100/101.
Venue: Melbourne Australia.
Recording: It’s an audience recording but sounds very good.

CD1.01 Strutter
CD1.02 Goin' Blind
CD1.03 Shandy
CD1.04 Rock Bottom
CD1.05 I Still Love You
CD1.06 Domino
CD1.07 I Love It Loud
CD1.08 Got To Choose
CD1.09 Black Diamond
CD1.10 Hillbilly Jam
CD1.11 Hard Luck Woman
CD1.12 I Was Made For Loving You
CD2.01 A World Without Heroes
CD2.02 Take Me
CD2.03 Room Service
CD2.04 Do You Love Me
CD2.05 Unholy
CD2.06 Shout It Out Loud
CD2.07 Forever
CD2.08 Love Her All I Can
CD2.09 Nothin' To Loose
CD2.10 Comin' Home
CD2.11 Sure Know Somethin'
CD2.12 Lick It Up.


  1. So many great posts here!

    Alas, this one comes with two second gaps between songs. :(

  2. you can use this software:
    Gap killer -


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